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Reset Yourself This New Year
12 Feb

Reset Yourself This New Year With a Self-Care Trip to One of These Amazing Cities

Self-care is crucial to your mental and physical well-being. Unfortunately, many people put self-care on the backburner while focusing on their hectic lives and busy schedules. The new year is a perfect time to give yourself a reset by taking a vacation focused on self-care.

Ocean City, NJ

With miles of beautiful beaches to relax on, Ocean City, NJ, has been dubbed “America’s Greatest Family Resort.” You don’t have to lie around on the beach when visiting Ocean City, either. If your idea of self-care is more exciting, try visiting the boardwalk instead. Ocean City’s boardwalk has theme parks, mini-golf, and locally owned food venues.

Moving to Ocean City just makes sense. Although as a beachside resort town, living costs are a little high, the location is perfect. Everything you need on a day-to-day basis is within a half-hour drive. You’re also about an hour from Philadelphia, PA, and Atlantic City, NJ. New York City is a 2.5-hour drive if you’re feeling adventurous.

Knoxville, TN

Knoxville, TN, is filled with unique art pieces that make the town seem like a free-range art museum. Are shopping and getting a bite to eat your idea of self-care? You can find everything you want by walking around downtown Knoxville. If you prefer to connect with nature, take a hike on one of the many nature trails inside and on the outskirts of town.

Finding an affordable rental is crucial if you plan to move to Knoxville. Try simplifying your search for a rental apartment in Knoxville by visiting sites such as You can set your price range so that the options you see are within your budget. You can also set up other parameters, such as your desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms or whether the apartment is pet-friendly.

Fayetteville, WV

Fayetteville, WV, is a nature lover’s paradise. Check out the New River Gorge Bridge, the nation’s longest single-span steel arch bridge. Around the bridge, you can find miles of hiking trails along the New River, through the wild and wonderful mountain wilderness for which West Virginia is famous.

Downtown Fayetteville is a quaint town filled with friendly people who make you feel welcome. Don’t be surprised if you spend a few hours talking with a shopkeeper you’ve only just met. The historic charm and friendliness combined with a low cost of living make Fayetteville a wonderful place to live.

Killington, VT

If you want to visit a place with ample opportunities for cold-weather fun, Killington, VT, is home to the largest ski resort on America’s eastern coast. Spend a few hours on the slopes before relaxing by a warm fire with a cup of hot chocolate or warm apple cider. While you’re in the area, check out nearby maple syrup farms and expansive hiking trails.

Vermont is home to beautiful mountain ranges, friendly people, and delicious food. Although work can sometimes be challenging to find, Killington and surrounding areas are perfect for freelancers and other remote workers.

Choose a Self-Care Trip to One of These Amazing Cities

Any of the fantastic cities above are the perfect destinations for your New Year’s self-care trip. So, give yourself the gift of a reset, and plan a trip today.