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See the 5 Best Cities
15 Feb

See the 5 Best Cities in a “Self-Care” Vacation

Self-care is critical for working professionals, parents, and adults of all ages. But what if you’re tired of taking walks to the park or getting a massage from the same therapist you’ve seen for years? In that case, you might practice a novel form of self-care and take a vacation in one of the below cities. The right vacation will energize your mind and body and leave you feeling better about 2022 than ever before.


Seattle is a great place for a self-care vacation whether you’re a foodie or just like to experience multicultural cities with something new every time you visit. This iconic city hosts dozens of concerts and over 100 annual festivals, plus has a very diverse range of environments to check out if you like to hike, sail, or participate in other physical activities.

If you don’t have enough time to see everything you like during your self-care vacation, make your self-care vacation permanent and move here by either renting or buying. Whatever you decide to do, use a listings site so you can find the right property for your needs based on price, the number of bedrooms, and more.

You can also finance the purchase of a vacation home in Seattle by taking out a second mortgage on your current home or using a home equity loan.


Maybe you’ll want to visit Dubrovnik in Croatia if you’re in the mood for a self-care paradise. Get a basic hotel or a five-star resort; either way, you’ll be pampered and spoiled by the quality of the bars and restaurants, plus all the historic attractions and museums to check out. This quiet, peaceful city offers a community feel and an old-world aesthetic that could be just the balm your soul needs to recharge.


Rome might be a great place to visit if you like wine tours, delicious food, and historical sites all in the same place! It’s an ideal place to practice self-care whether you vacation at a hostel or at a five-star resort. This friendly and bustling city has entertainment events and things to do for everyone, even if you just like to relax at a comfortable café for the duration of your vacation.


Santorini stands as one of the most beautiful locales on all of Earth, featuring several glorious Greek islands with red or black beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. Not only will you be treated to gorgeous sunsets, but you’ll also enjoy a beautiful Mediterranean climate year-round and plenty of resorts with delicious restaurants, sailing and scuba diving opportunities, and much more.


Amsterdam could be a great place to vacation in the Netherlands if you appreciate this country’s aesthetic, art, or attractions. Fortunately, this capital city offers plenty of self-care solutions ranging from resorts to massage therapists to floating flower markets and more.

Domestic Self-Care

Maybe you’d rather practice self-care in a place where you know everyone and all the attractions. In that case, find a nice cabin, hotel, or resort where you can stretch out, relax, and practice self-care in your local city using a vacation rental site. The right rental site will help you rent a great vacation property for a staycation where you can enjoy privacy or visit all the local amenities you never had time to see before.

All in all, vacations are important so we can treat ourselves from time to time and remind ourselves of just how beautiful the world really is. Who knows? Maybe one of the cities you visit will end up being your future home if you fall in love with the people or the architecture!